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Work as an Escort / Stripper or Erotic Dancer for Escort Agency Love.

Welcome to our National Website for Escort Agency Love.  We are a recognised agency with the required licenses and permits. We are always looking for Ladies for Escort work, striptease and erotic dancers.  Ladies who are interested in earning lots of money and would like to work in the erotic industry.  We will explain what working as an escort entails and talk you through the whole process.  We concentrate on Ladies who wont to work legally as an Escort you can register your interest on the form below. 

What we offer.

We offer you a varied job with a friendly team and management, where you can determine yourself which services you provide and in which region you want to work or not. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have managed to build up a large file of escorts who are active throughout the North West and UK. It does not matter where you live. We will represent you nationwide. In addition, you will also be promoted on the best websites in the UK. Top level domains that are easy for the customer to remember. These domains are not only promoted online but also offline in various magazines and on radio and television, so that you get the largest possible customer reach. We have also secured top positions for sites where you can view erotic vacancies .

What does the work entail?

Working as an escort lady stripper or erotic dancer means that you will perform erotic acts for a fee. This can also be for company for example, a dinner date. We also offer professional strippers who provide high-quality striptease shows. You can choose to work full time, but also students who are looking for a nice part time job can come to us. As an escort you often work at variable times and every customer is different. That makes it varied and exciting. A customer can also have a certain clothing wish or fetish. This is also discussed with the escort in advance, so that you know what to expect.

An escort is discreet at all times and visits her or his customers at their private address, in a hotel or on the road. We as an escort agency will schedule all appointments for you and advertise on a large scale through various media channels. We also provide a little extra safety, because a driver will drive with you. The driver will wait for you in the immediate vicinity. Of course not outside the door because discretion is very important!